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My AskAI

My AskAI — Your own ChatGPT with your content

My AskAI serves as an AI chatbot builder that empowers you to incorporate your personal material and fabricate your individual ChatGPT. Subsequently, you can seamlessly embed it into your website or integrate it into any desired location.

This tool has the capability to accommodate PDF, CSV, Word, TXT, and URL formats as trainable content while affording you the flexibility to personalize the appearance and manner in which your chatbot interacts with your target audience. Upon completion, the chatbot can be readily disseminated or activated on your website through the utilization of the API, Slack, or Zapier.

Features of My AskAI

  • Create 10 AskAIs
  • Add content
  • Ask questions
  • Priority email + Zoom support
  • Share via a link, embed, or API
  • Add files, links, or entire websites
  • Weekly webpage auto-sync
  • Add to Slack, Zapier
  • Analytics + question export
  • Customise tone & answer style
  • Upload content via API
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Pricing Model: Free Trial, Paid, Subscription

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