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Coursebox is your ultimate AI-powered course creator and comprehensive learning management system. Crafting your next exceptional online course has never been easier, and it can be achieved in just under one hour.

Coursebox empowers you to effortlessly generate a draft course structure and enrich it with compelling content, all within a matter of seconds, seamlessly transform your existing documents, website pages, and videos into a dynamic and interactive course that captivates your audience, Keep your learners engaged and enthralled through the incorporation of stimulating quizzes and enlightening videos.

The best part? You can embark on this educational journey with AI as your trusty companion, absolutely free of charge.

The good news is that Coursebox Ai has a free version that gives you the following features – 3 published AI courses, Quizzes & Videos, Sell courses, Publish to website, E-mail support, Coursebox Marketplace listing, Mobile app, 50MB storage, Stripe and platform fees apply

Give it a try and see how this AI powered course creation platform can help you moving forward.

Featured of Coursebox AI

  • Rapidly create courses with in-built AI course creator
  • AI converts your docs, website, and videos into courses
  • Your own branded instance and domain name
  • Ability to customise the platform for your business
  • Reporting, payments, mobile apps, certificates
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid

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