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BlueWillow Free AI Art Generator

BlueWillow functions as an image generator accessible through its Discord server, similar to Midjourney. Its purpose is to create a wide range of images, including logos, graphics, and highly realistic scenes. By joining their Discord community, you can test various prompts, generate images, socialize with others, and receive assistance.

Once you’re a member of the Discord server, navigate to one of the #newbies channels and utilize the /imagine command. BlueWillow will produce four images for each prompt. Currently, in beta, it is expected that additional features and enhancements will be incorporated in the future. BlueWillow presents itself as a remarkable and cost-free alternative to Midjourney.

Features of BlueWillow

  • Ability to make logos
  • Graphics
  • Photo-realistic images
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Pricing Model: Free

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