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GitMind AI Powered Mind Map Flowchart Whiteboard

GitMind is a costless mind-mapping tool powered by AI, which boosts effectiveness in work and learning endeavors. Users have the ability to inquire GitMind’s AI, prompting the generation of associated notions and mind maps. GitMind proves to be an ideal resource for students, educators, and individuals in various fields, as it facilitates brainstorming and teamwork. This versatile and potent tool aids in the efficient arrangement of thoughts and ideas. What sets GitMind apart from other mind-mapping tools is its distinctive AI functionality, rendering it a superb selection for those seeking to enhance their productivity and learning proficiency.

Features of GitMind

  • Free accounts can create up to 10 mind maps, have 20 AI attempts, 10 slide show attempts, and insert up to 30 images per mind map.
  • Paid accounts can create unlimited mind maps, enjoy all functions and insert up to 500 images per mind map.
  • Mobile App available on android and iOS
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid

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