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socra Crush Your Goals with AI

Socra represents a no-cost AI conversational agent that enables engaging discussions with the renowned philosopher Socrates! Utilizing Socra’s AI assistant, you will receive intellectually stimulating inquiries and valuable counsel to assist you in attaining your aspirations, whether they be grand or modest.

Socra is available for free usage with a daily usage threshold, while the opportunity to upgrade to Premium or Pro versions provides access to enhanced daily AI utilization.

Exciting enhancements are in the pipeline for Socra, and you can acquire further details on their official website.

Features of Socra

  • Personal AI Coach
  • Goal Builder
  • AI Insights
  • Notes
  • AI Reminders
  • Chats
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo
  • GPT-4
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid, Subscription

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