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Fathom Never take notes on a Zoom call again

Fathom a forever free AI Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet assistant that seamlessly captures real-time call notes. With support for seven languages, Fathom offers fully transcribed recordings with highlighted key moments. Share and integrate Fathom’s concise summaries effortlessly with Google Docs, Gmail, and your preferred task manager.

Experience the convenience of automatic call note generation and syncing to your CRM, along with seamless integration with Slack, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

Is Fathom Truly Free? According to the founder, “Fathom is 100% free. Shortly, we will be charging for new, team-centric functionality but the core Fathom experience will remain free.”

There is an upgrade team version that cost fromUSD19 to USD100+ and you can go try the 2 weeks free trial they provide here. Otherwise, this review is solely for the free version that has all you need a a solo digital marketer.

5/5 (1 Review)

Pricing Model: Free, Free Trial, Subscription

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