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The WordPress Ai SuperApp for Content SEO GetGenie Ai

GetGenie functions as an AI aide that oversees content and SEO management on your website. It streamlines and enhances your online visibility through its AI-driven keyword analysis, competitor analysis on SERPs, and support with blog posts and sales copies. It consolidates various applications and conveniently integrates as a WordPress plugin. Leveraging predictive AI technology, its embedded content score aids in optimizing on-page SEO, thereby improving search result rankings.

GetGenie serves as an exceptional all-in-one solution for SEO and content optimization, particularly beneficial for WordPress developers.

You have 1,500 words of content to write per month on the free account. this is a great alternative to Frace

Features of GetGenie

  • Long-form Content
  • SEO Optimization
  • Sales/Short Copies
  • WordPress Plugin
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Pricing Model: Free, Free Trial, Subscription

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