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Hypertype is definitely your ultimate AI email companion that can supercharge your email game. With its incredible Hyperbrain feature, this intelligent assistant gathers all the essential details from your team and crafts beautifully written emails for you, right on the spot. But wait, there’s more! Hypertype also offers a nifty manual FAQ feature, allowing you to upload your own documents. It’s like having your own personal knowledge bank that automatically inserts relevant information into your future replies. Exciting, right?

Hypertype is currently accessible on the Google Chrome extension exclusively for Gmail users. But guess what? The creators are all ears for suggestions on integrating this powerful tool with other platforms too. So let your imagination run wild and let us know how we can make your email experience even more awesome!

Give Hypertype a trial and watch your email productivity soar to new heights.

Features of Hypertype

  • Private Team
  • Generate unlimited email replies
  • Team Emails, Docs & Website FAQs
  • Team Hyperbrain
  • 10 Tones
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