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Linguix Free Writing Assistant

Linguix is a platform that aims to help you write powerfully, clearly, and correctly, whether you are writing business emails, essays, or even text messages.

Writing mistakes may lead to lost opportunities, but even error-free content may still be inefficient. This is why Linguix was created. The rewriting technology instantly makes any sentence compelling, native, and powerful.

Linguix is a cross-platform product. You can use our web-based apps, MS Office add-ins, mobile keyboards, or text-expander

Linguix has helped thousands of native and non-native English writers improve their content, solve business tasks, and unlock new opportunities!

Features of Linguix

  • Grammer correction
  • Spelling and punctuation checker
  • Ai paraphrasing
  • You can check your content quality score
  • Mobile App and Web App
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid, Subscription

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