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No code and low code mobile app builder for IOS and Android

Moxly allows you to build a mobile app using AI builder, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for IOS and Android platforms. Are you bursting with innovative ideas for your very own mobile application but finding yourself lacking the technical coding prowess to transform them into reality? If that’s the case, fret not! Moxly is the most try-out for you.

With a mere few clicks, you can now craft your own sophisticated, high-quality application without any prior coding expertise!

Furthermore, with a moxly powerful App Store submission feature, you can effortlessly publish your apps to both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Features of Moxly

  • Integrations to manage data
  • Ability to Deploy to App Store, Play Store & the PWA
  • Using two or more languages in the application
  • Low-code editor and AI assistant
  • Native Application Screens
  • Intuitive application Content Dashboard
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid, Subscription

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