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Saleshandy Cold Email Software

Saleshandy is an AI tool for automating cold emails, enabling users and businesses to expand their outreach and lead-generation endeavors with excellent deliverability and response rates. It provides functionalities such as automated follow-ups, seamless integration with email service providers, A/B testing, LinkedIn prospecting, and various other tools to enhance the customization and refinement of your emails.

SalesHandy aims to enhance the efficiency of cold emails and boost conversion rates. The software also grants a 7-day free trial for individuals interested in testing its capabilities.

Features of Saleshandy

  • Cold Emailing
  • Email Campaign
  • Auto Follow-ups
  • Email Warm-up
  • Unified Inbox
  • Email Deliverability
  • Email Tracking For Gmail
  • Email Tracking For Outlook
  • LinkedIn Email Finder
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Pricing Model: Free Trial, Subscription

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