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Social Intents

Live Chat Software for Microsoft Teams Slack and ChatGPT Social Intents

Social Intents is a dynamic and innovative live chat platform that seamlessly integrates with two popular communication tools, namely Microsoft Teams and Slack, along with the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT.

By embedding the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT directly onto your website, you can enhance the interactive experience for your users while simultaneously empowering your team of human agents.

With Social Intents, you have the flexibility to effortlessly escalate chat conversations to your skilled human agents within Teams or Slack whenever necessary, ensuring prompt and efficient customer support.

Furthermore, Social Intents offers the valuable feature of real-time chat monitoring, enabling you to stay updated on all ongoing conversations in a convenient and timely manner. Embrace the advanced functionalities provided by Social Intents and revolutionize your chat communication strategies today!

Features of Social Intents

  • Slack Live Chat
  • Microsoft Teams Live Chat
  • Zoom Live Chat
  • Webex Live Chat
  • Higher Education Live Chat
  • ChatGPT Live Chat
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