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The only cross lingual plagiarism checker Crossplag

Crossplag is an incredibly comprehensive and all-encompassing solution designed specifically to cater to the needs of individuals seeking to verify the authenticity of their work. It is driven by a strong commitment to promoting equal access to plagiarism detection, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to avail themselves of this essential service.

Furthermore, Crossplag places utmost importance on empowering its users by providing them with complete autonomy and authority over their data, thereby guaranteeing their privacy and control.

The AI Detector is trained to precisely predict the origin of the text by using a combination of machine learning algorithms along with natural language processing techniques.

Features of Crossplag

  • Plagiarism checking against billions of writings
  • Translated Plagiarism Identification
  • More than 100 languages supported
  • Extensive file formats supported
  • Download the Offline Plagiarism Report
  • Download Plagiarism Certificates
  • Advanced Integrity Insights and Statistics
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