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8 Best AI Content Detection Software

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In this digital age, where the volume of online content being generated and shared is expanding exponentially, it has become increasingly important to address the issue of inappropriate and illegal content. Instances of plagiarism, copyright violations, hate speech, and other forms of undesirable content are widespread across various platforms.

To effectively combat these issues, numerous companies have adopted the use of content detection software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These sophisticated programs utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze text, images, and videos, enabling the identification of potential violations.

In this article, we will delve into the leading AI content detection software of 2023, exploring its features, benefits, and general use cases in content detection.

Top 8 AI Content Detection Software


OriginalityAI is a program that utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to ascertain the uniqueness of written content. It compares documents against an extensive database of sources, including academic journals, books, and websites, generating comprehensive reports on similarities and differences. Additionally, this software provides real-time feedback and suggestions for enhancing writing quality.


Copyleaks is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that scans texts for duplicate content across multiple languages. It can detect paraphrasing, citation errors, and even partial matches. The software seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and Moodle, simplifying the process of checking assignments, essays, and research papers.


CrossPlag is another plagiarism detection tool that specializes in cross-lingual comparisons. It supports over 100 languages and can identify similarities between texts in different scripts, including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Chinese. CrossPlag allows users to upload files in various formats, including PDF, DOC, TXT, and HTML.


GPTKit, a convenient and free-of-charge solution, utilizes six unique methodologies to accurately identify and classify text produced by AI. Through comprehensive analysis of the content, it provides comprehensive evaluations pertaining to its legitimacy and credibility.

Content at Scale

Content At Scale offers a platform that caters to website owners and marketers by providing imperceptible content generated by AI. Additionally, they present a complimentary AI content detection utility accessible through their website.

To utilize this tool, simply insert your text, click on “Check for AI Content,” and the utility will reveal your human content score ranging from 0 to 100%. There is a restriction of 2,500 characters, so if your content surpasses this limit, you may need to assess it in segments.

Content at Scale boasts a potent content generation tool enabling you to input 100 keywords within your field of interest and subsequently generate 100 top-notch, niche-specific blog or website articles.


GPTZero, an exceptional AI content detection tool, possesses the remarkable ability to analyze text and provide insights into its likely origin, discerning between human-authored content and that which is generated by AI.

The cutting-edge detection algorithm employed by GPTZero utilizes various variables such as perplexity and repetition as unique markers to identify AI involvement in the creation of the text. GPTZero has awesome API integration for educators.

The development of GPTZero aims to empower educators with the tools necessary to navigate the realm of AI-powered content, ensuring a balance between technological advancements and responsible pedagogy.

Writers AI Content Detector

Writer.com offers a complimentary AI content detection tool available for utilization directly on their website. This tool showcases commendable proficiency in discerning the origin of written content, specifically when it comes to distinguishing between human-authored compositions and those generated by AI. However, it occasionally encounters challenges when it encounters newer and more advanced AI text generation models, including but not limited to ChatGPT and GPT-3.

For optimal accuracy, it is recommended to employ a dual approach by combining the power of Writer.com’s tool with an additional AI content detector like OriginalityAI. By doing so, you can significantly enhance the likelihood of obtaining an outcome that is approaching near-perfection, yielding an estimation as to whether your content is susceptible to being identified as AI-generated, with a remarkable degree of certainty.

AI Text Classifier

AI Text Classifier, brought to you by OpenAI, the ingenious minds responsible for ChatGPT and an array of remarkable GPT models, is an invaluable resource for detecting and analyzing content with the power of artificial intelligence. This remarkable tool, although still in its developmental stages, offers a glimpse into the future of content detection. By granting access to its work-in-progress build, it allows users to experience cutting-edge advancements firsthand.

It’s worth noting that, while the tool presents exceptional potential, there are certain limitations to be aware of. For instance, there exists a minimum limit of 1,000 characters, ensuring that the AI is provided with ample text to facilitate its analysis. OpenAI, in its commitment to transparency, also acknowledges that the accuracy of the tool is not yet guaranteed, as the team consistently endeavors to enhance its performance and efficacy.

Rest assured, however, that continuous improvements are being made to refine and optimize its capabilities, promising an increasingly accurate and reliable experience.


Smoodin is all in all AI writing tool that is so versatile. They have a large portfolio of AI-powered tools ranging from AI easy generators, Ai article generators, story generators, script generators, thesis generators, personal biography generators, and so on.

I must say this is an ideal tool for anyone who loves having a tool in one place.

Benefits of Utilizing AI Content Detection Software

Saves Time and Effort

Manually checking for plagiarism or inappropriate content can be arduous and time-consuming. AI software can swiftly accomplish the task in seconds, freeing up valuable resources.

Enhances Accuracy

Humans are prone to errors and biases when evaluating content. AI algorithms can objectively and consistently analyze data, reducing the occurrence of false positives and negatives. Fun fact: AI content detection software can identify even the most subtle instances of plagiarism or inappropriate content, which may be overlooked by human moderators.

Improves Quality Control

Companies involved in content production or distribution must adhere to high standards of quality and legality. AI content detection software aids in ensuring compliance with industry regulations, mitigating the risk of reputational damage.

Increases Productivity

By automating repetitive tasks such as content moderation, companies can allocate their resources toward more strategic initiatives and innovation. Did you know? AI content detection software can also provide valuable insights into content performance and audience engagement, assisting companies in optimizing their content strategy.

Reduces Costs

Hiring human moderators or legal experts can be a costly endeavor. AI content detection software offers a cost-effective alternative that easily scales to accommodate varying needs. Fun fact: AI content detection software can also be employed to identify fake news and disinformation, aiding in the fight against the dissemination of misinformation online.

Use Cases for AI Content Detection Software

Educational Institutions

Teachers and professors can utilize plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks or OriginalityAI to assess students’ work and provide feedback on academic integrity.

Publishing and Media

Publishers and journalists can employ AI content detection software to fact-check articles, identify copyright violations, and prevent libel lawsuits. This software helps them avoid costly legal battles by identifying potential copyright infringements and libelous statements prior to publication.

E-commerce and Advertising

Online retailers and advertisers can use AI to monitor user-generated content, reviews, and product descriptions for compliance with legal and ethical guidelines. AI content detection software can help e-commerce companies and advertisers ensure that their content is in compliance with legal and ethical guidelines, preventing potential legal and reputational damage.


AI can assist cybersecurity firms in scanning emails, websites, and social media posts to identify phishing attempts, spam, and other malicious content, ensuring the protection of individuals and organizations from cyber threats.

Gaming and Entertainment

AI enables gaming companies and streaming platforms to identify cheating, hacking, and inappropriate behavior among players and viewers, thus ensuring fair play and a secure environment for their users.

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