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Common FAQs

When you list your tools with us, maximum exposure to a large audience of AI enthusiasts, enjoy direct and organic traffic, fast updates and listing edits is guaranteed, all at an unbeatable value compared to other AI directories. 

Your tool will typically undergo a review and appear on the site within 24 hours of submission. Simply revisit our site the following to check for your tool!

Pro Tip: Looking to find out if your tool has been listed? Give the real-time search on the homepage a go! 

Yes! Just email us at info@easysaveai.com and make sure you have the link to the tool and what you want to update clear in your email. 

Usually the common reasons for a tool not being approved can be because it doesn’t use AI or it is already listed.  

If your tool was not listed you will be refunded in full! no question asked!

No! Listing your AI tool on Easy Save AI doesn't guarantee sales or traffic. You may get clicks based and more exposure as we grow!

Unique tool name, features, and keywords helps. We consider these and try to maximize them for your exposure.

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