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HARPA AI ChatGPT Chrome Automation Copilot

HARPA AI is a Chrome extension that acts as an AI agent. You can use HARPA to access ChatGPT on Google Search, automate web pages, generate text, monitor product prices, and more. HARPA also provides GPT prompts that are tailored to different fields such as Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, HR, and Engineering. This tool can save time by avoiding the need to switch between ChatGPT and other tabs.

Do I need ChatGPT account?

You will need a ChatGPT account to perform search answer synthesis, content generalization, and generation tasks. You can create an account for free at chat.openai.com.
We are working on adding an optional paid plan for running ChatGPT queries if you cannot or do not want to create an account with OpenAI.
You DO NOT need a ChatGPT account to perform web monitoring and web automation tasks.

Features of HARPA AI

  • AI-assisted search
  • Ai write on any website
  • Summarise youtube videos
  • Track your competitors
  • You can track the price of products to buy when the price is low
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Pricing Model: Free, Paid

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