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BlogSEO AI Writer to Create SEO ready Blog Articles

BlogSEO AI is an AI-powered blogging tool to reform how users generate high-quality, user-focused, and SEO-ready articles (3000+ words average). Our AIGC app prioritizes content quality and search engine ranking factors by following the best practices. We aim to cater to content/affiliate/e-commerce marketing teams and writers who want to publish high-quality articles that perform well on SERP.

While I logged in to test this super forced-in solution platform, there are a few things I loved about it as an SEO which is the fact that I can import sitemap, links for my article to reference to help me interlink fast. this is special compared to other tools I have tried out. it also has a very simple user interface. try it out with the 100 free credits allocated to you when you sign up

BlogSEO AI links
BlogSEO AI links and Sitemap – Dashboard

Features of BlogSEO AI

With the app, users can write articles up to 10 times faster and smarter by utilizing AI and search APIs to generate keywords, titles, outlines, content, and copies within seconds. The tool also offers AI assistance for keyword research to help users view up-to-date metrics and choose the most suitable keywords.

What sets BlogSEO AI apart is its commitment to optimizing articles for search engines by providing features such as generating internal links (based on your sitemap) to drive traffic and engagement with smart internal linking strategies. The tool also generates the blog post schema (Article and FAQ), which enhances search engines’ understanding of the content and context of the article.

The tool supports output in multiple languages (adhering to the user’s input). It offers variable pricing options, allowing users to enhance their blogging workflow with fluid, AI-generated content. And if you’re on a Pro plan, you can invite your team members to collaborate on the articles you produce.

Users can sign up for the generous free plan or choose from different Pro plan variants based on their needs, which provide varying amounts of credits, words, and team collaboration features.

New Update about the BlogSEO AI Platform. Dated 10/10/2023

  • Improved User Interface (UI)
  • BlogSEO AI Shopify app MOST AWAITED : check it here
  • Introducing the new Editor
  • Enhanced Brand Customization: They have now introduced the ability to add multiple brands and associated URLs for your Call-to-Actions (CTAs). This feature, accessible in the Team settings, allows you to tailor CTAs to match each brand’s unique identity and goals.
  • Output Language Selection: a new feature that enables you to select the output language for the generated articles.
  • Time-Saving Topic Memory
  • Fine-Tuned Output Length: You can now generate short articles (700+ words), medium articles (2000+ words), and long-form content (4000+ words) with precision.
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Pricing Model: Free Trial, Paid, Credits

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