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Cost Effective Way to Increase SEO Traffic Robinize

Robinize is a powerful SEO tool for content writers that does all the research you need to rank for a particular topic

With Robinize you can take the guesswork out of boosting your online presence and drive substantial organic traffic effortlessly.

The concept is simple yet powerful. All you need to do is provide the key phrase you want to rank for on Google, and the tool will do the magic to provide you with precise information about the terms and topics you should incorporate into your content.

When you then click to write, the platform will generate a ChatGPT Prompt for you to write the content and then just copy page the content on their own platform and see if you are fully optimized or not.

I have used this tool in combination with BlogSEO AI to rank two major articles on Google seamlessly screenshot below

instagram threads for musicians Google Search
Instagram threads for musicians Google Search
best spotify playlist promotion Google Search
best Spotify playlist promotion Google Search

Here is the process I used to rank the Best Spotify playlist promotion on 3rd and the same as the Instagram Threads for musicians in a few hours.

Robinize Dashboard

Features of Robinize

  • Robinize does the research for you
  • Robinize Google searches your keyword
  • Extracts all the necessary information from your top competitors
  • Summarizes tons of research into a simple report
  • Write and optimize your content faster
  • Create an outline using heading suggestions, inspiration, and the FAQ tab
  • Use TERMS that are relevant to both your content and Google
  • Measure your content quality, length, and readability
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Pricing Model: Free Trial, Subscription

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