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Wudpecker Your AI Meeting Assistant

Wudpecker is powered by GPT4, Wudpecker gets summaries, action items, follow-up emails, and insights from your meetings with simple prompts.

Wudpecker is an incredible tool that is super simple to use with an amazing onboarding process. I tested and I can say this is a very important yet free tool that the company should be using. The most interesting thing I spotted is the direct integration with Hubspot which is a competitive advantage as most company uses Hubspot nowadays

Wudpecker • Settings
Wudpecker • Settings

Features of Wudpecker

  • Ask Wudpecker – ask directly Wudpecker about anything you want to about the meeting
  • AI Meeting Summaries & Action Items – Concise summaries at the end of each meeting. Wudpecker AI captures the key highlights and organizes them into topics and subtopics.
  • Follow-up email – What’s a meeting without that classic follow-up email? Impress your teammates and clients with a recap + next step email that’s created within seconds.
  • Action items – Only care about what you agreed on? Wudpecker generates.
  • Insight Prompt – Ask hyper-relevant questions about each meeting. So you don’t have to struggle with finding the keyword, or the minutes when you spoke about it.
  • Wudpecker joins your Zoom, Google Meet, Teams meetings and records, and transcribes them automatically.
  • Transcription (in 100+ languages) + cloud recording – Easily record, transcribe, and take shared notes in every meeting to build a library of company knowledge instantly.
  • Search – Remember anything that happened, ever, with a universal search across your meeting transcripts, notes, and action items.
  • Snippet – Trim and share snippets of what happened during the meeting, and keep everyone in updated and clear on the action plan.
  • Copy&Paste Notes – Share important knowledge across all your productivity tools.
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Pricing Model: Free

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