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Captions Your AI powered creative studio

Captions is the All-in-One AI Video Tool.

This mobile App helps you to streamline your video creation with Captions. Powered by AI, this app simplifies scripting, recording, editing, and sharing. Enhance your videos with captivating word-by-word captions generated by Whisper Speech-to-Text by OpenAI.

Tailored for talking videos, our intuitive editor enables seamless editing. Refine your content with ease, eliminating filler phrases and incorporating dynamic jump cuts. Customize with eye-catching images and synced gifs. Choose from preset styles.

Captions utilize advanced AI algorithms to generate video scripts in seconds, leveraging models like GPT-3. Say goodbye to scripting struggles. Our dynamic teleprompter facilitates effortless recording, boosting your confidence.

Create engaging videos that captivate your audience. Download Captions now and elevate your video creation.

They offer only a 3-day free trial so go ahead and try it out!

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