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AI Query Generate SQL Queries with AI in Seconds

AI Query

AI Query is an efficient tool designed to assist users in effortlessly generating SQL queries, even if they possess limited SQL knowledge. By utilizing the

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Unlocking the Power of AI Torke The Ultimate Solution for All Your Needs


AI Torke is a virtual assistant that content creators & influencers use to create unique content for blogs, videos, and social media, FASTER, so they

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Codeium · Free AI Code Completion Chat


Codeium is an AI programming tool created by Exafunction’s team. It aids developers in modifying codebases or working with unfamiliar languages by enabling them to

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Buildt, currently in its Alpha stage of development, is an AI coding assistant. This remarkable tool facilitates swift and effortless searching for code snippets. Simply

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Warp AI AI fully integrated with your terminal

Warp AI

Warp is an advanced terminal tailored for developers, has recently incorporated AI capabilities to enhance debugging, command search, and problem-solving functionalities. By harnessing the power

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GitHub Next Copilot Voice

Hey Github

Hey GitHub is an innovative coding tool that integrates seamlessly with GitHub Copilot that helps you write code without the keyboard. Its primary objective is

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Safurai Assistant for Developers AI Coding Tool


Safurai functions as an AI assistant for coding, aiming to enhance workflow and code quality by offering solutions and suggestions for coding, debugging, and refactoring.

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GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer · GitHub

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding companion that offers real-time code suggestions while you write in your favorite editor. Leveraging the OpenAI Codex, it has

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Sketch Demo


Sketch, found on GitHub, serves as an AI assistant for pandas users, enhancing code writing. Its advanced understanding of data context enables highly relevant suggestions.

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mutable ai AI Accelerated Software Development


MutableAI serves as a software development tool empowered by AI for the swift creation of top-notch code effortlessly. Its autocomplete functionality optimizes time by minimizing

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