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SaneBox Dashboard


SaneBox is an AI-powered email assistant that helps you better manage your inbox, from prioritizing your most important messages to eliminating unwanted emails forever, saving

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BrieflyAI AI meeting summaries insights and follow ups


BrieflyAI is one of the best tool for your AI meeting summaries, insights, and follow-ups. With Briefly by your side, you can effortlessly convert your

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Fathom Never take notes on a Zoom call again


Fathom a forever free AI Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet assistant that seamlessly captures real-time call notes. With support for seven languages, Fathom offers

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Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

If you are looking for a chat and search engine that can give you direct and precise answers to any question you have, you might

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Coach Marlee Fingerprint for Success

Coach Marlee

Coach Marlee by Sydney-based Fingerprint for Success is the world’s first AI coach and utilizes conversational AI technology to provide real-time developmental coaching to anyone

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Enhance your ChatGPT experience with DapperGPT. Supercharge your chat UI, take advantage of autocomplete Chrome extensions, and enjoy features like smart search, favorite chat pinning,

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socra Crush Your Goals with AI


Socra represents a no-cost AI conversational agent that enables engaging discussions with the renowned philosopher Socrates! Utilizing Socra’s AI assistant, you will receive intellectually stimulating

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Visus Train your own ChatGPT AI


Visus offers users the convenient ability to upload their documents and receive immediate responses to their inquiries through an AI-powered documentation and knowledge base. Visus

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GitMind AI Powered Mind Map Flowchart Whiteboard


GitMind is a costless mind-mapping tool powered by AI, which boosts effectiveness in work and learning endeavors. Users have the ability to inquire GitMind’s AI,

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Shulex VOC 1 ChatGPT Tool for Voice of Customer and Product Research to Define Winning Product

Shulex Voc

Shulex VOC represents an AI-driven system designed to engage in customer voice monitoring and product investigation. It effortlessly merges with virtually all eCommerce platforms and

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